The Collatz Conjecture was solved 2022/01/01

Conceptual Diagram of Collatz Graph

Now Collatz Tree Generator V1.04 is available here for free.

This tiny program contains 5 functions.

  1. Generate a Collatz regular tree of an arbitrary size (degree x height) and output the adjacency list of the tree in CSV file format
  2. Output the branch number sequence of an arbitrary odd number
  3. Output the odd number at an arbitrary position on the Collatz tree designated by a branch number sequence
  4. Output the adjacency list of a truncated Collatz subtree of which end node is designated by a branch number sequence.
  5. Verify the Collatz tree structure on which the Collatz Tree Generator is entirely based by testing every odd number in a designated range.

The first function “Collatz Tree Generator” implies that the Collatz Conjecture was essentially solved already. The last function “Verification” tests this premise. We are curious about if our solution would fail in the Verification Test. Please try those functions and make us informed with the result.

Current maximum odd number passed the Verification: 

Start the Verification from 1275069539 and send the result to us. We will update this information every morning.


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